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Crazy dancing Disco tagada ride for sale gallery photo 1
  • Crazy dancing Disco tagada ride for sale gallery photo 1
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Crazy dancing Disco tagada ride for sale

  • Model Number: SYDSK
  • Type: tagada, disco tagada
  • Material: FRP+steel
  • Colour: gel coat imported form Germany
  • Seats: 30
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 57kw
  • Capacity: 30 passengers (70Kg*30 passengers=2100Kg)
  • Area: 18m*16m
  • Height: 6.2m
  • Max operated height: 2.6m
  • Email:
  • Introduction:

     "Disco turntable"association is a classic amusement equipment, equipment operation of sudden rises and landing,just like the sea waves, turbulence ups and downs, and as a flying saucer space, change boundless, when fast when slow, coincided with a strong, shock high music, so that passengers feel like a beating of notes. "Disco turntable 'with novel stimulation to passengers bring boundless stimulation and joy.

    Disco has a collection of functions such as fashionable music, gorgeous light, intense vibration and swing. Once you place yourself in there, you would feel like dancing, embracing, relaxing yourself and blending with each other.

    Disco tagada ride

    Major Parameters:

    Items Parameter
    Voltage 380v
    Total Power 57 Kw
    Occupied Area 18m×16m
    Height 6.2m
    Max operated height 2.6m   
    Rotating turntable diameter φ6.4m
    Rotating turntable speed 0-10/min frequency variant stepless speed regulating
    Turbulence trip of cylinder 0.18--0.22m 
    Turbulence frequency of cylinder 1.7c/s
    Capacity 30 passengers (70Kg×30 passengers=2100Kg)

    Disco tagada ride


    1. Its material is Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic. So it's totally durable and firm.And is also environmental, erosion resisting and highly stable.

    2. Color: we adopt the gel coat which is imported from Germany and is not easy to fade away.

    3. It is equipped with gorgeous light and exciting music.

    4. It can be installed in amusement parks, parks, square and other indoor and outdoor places. It is wholly popular with teenagers and adults.

    Why Choose Us:

    1. Direct manufacturer and leading exporter which have the influence in this field;

    2. Largest factory in Wuhan,OEM&ODM Capacity;

    3. We are a modern enterprise of integration of science, industry and trading. And we specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling fun equipment;

    4. Always insist quality first, customer first, strict system to insure the quality and high quality post-sale service;

    5. We are an executive director of China Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (CAAPA) and International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA), also a leading company in the amusement equipment manufacturing trade.



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